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Want a reliable, affordable transportation without having any worries call L’Acabie 902-224-5069.

We’ll pick you up at your door for trips such as groceries, the pharmacy, and doctor appointments, out of the area trips for medical, the airport and even shopping. We will travel to Inverness, Baddeck, Sydney, Antigonish and even sometimes to Halifax for medical appointments if requested. We also at times do weddings, Christmas parties, etc.

All of Northern Inverness County,Pleasant Bay, Cheticamp, St. Joseph du Moine, Belle Cote, Margaree, East Margaree, Margaree Forks, Margaree Center and Margaree Valley and even Inverness.

Do you or a family member have an appointment for your 1st, 2nd or booster vaccination, but need transportation to get to it? We can help get you there and back home, and our services are available for anyone 5 years old and up.

With our varied vehicles, including accessible options, we can take you to your appointment regardless of your mobility. So if you need transportation, contact us today.

A parent/guardian must accompany young riders up to the age of 16.

Booking a ride, in 3 easy steps:
  1. Pre-book your vaccination appointment according to the directions given by the Department of Health.
  2. Go to our “How to Book” section (just under this section, or under our main menu). You’ll find our ride booking process there.
  3. Follow our directions on how to book your trip.

(Please note: Round trip cost is only $5. We require booking at least 24 hours in advance.)

Easily accessible. We’re the Way To Go.
COVID-19 Protocols

We have implemented COVID-19 protocols and procedures to protect everyone’s health and safety. Please ask us at the time you book what current policies are in place.

To book a service please use one of the following:

[email protected]

Please note that if you email us to book your trip is not confirmed until you hear back from us.

Rates, January 2020

Cheticamp and area:
From Petit Étang, La Prairie, Belle Marche, Point Cross, Plateau
One-way $6.00
Return $12.00
More than three stops in Cheticamp (additional $1.00 per stop):
From Grand-Etang:
One-way $13.00
Return $20.00
Lemoine, Terre Noire area:
One-way $20.00
Return $30.00
More than three stops in Cheticamp (additional $1.00 per stop):
Belle Côte/East Margaree area $35.00
Inverness and Whycocomagh area $50.00
Baddeck/Port Hood area $50.00
Sydney/North Sydney area $70.00
Glace Bay $85.00
Antigonish $85.00
New Glasgow $95.00
Pleasant Bay/Red River $35.00/$45.00



“Our family has experienced what it meant to a senior gentleman in Chéticamp to have access to l’Acabie. He was able to stay in his home and use this service every day to visit his wife at the Foyer Père Fiset. When she was admitted to this long-term care facility and he lost the ability to drive, one of his biggest fear was that he would not be able to visit his wife as he had been faithfully doing since her admission. Of course, our family did its utmost to get him there as often as possible, but at times, it was not possible. As well, losing a great part of his autonomy really affected him, he felt more isolated.
When he started using l’Acabie, it made a huge difference in his life. We could tell he was much happier. He was able to schedule times to visit his wife without having to worry about whether family members could get him there. Not only did he use this service to visit his wife, but he used it to run errands, visit friends and family. He felt more independent and in control, giving him the confidence to remain in his home. As well, he developed a positive relationship with the drivers and they got to know him well making each ride more pleasant. Even the family felt reassured that the drivers were looking after him and became like members of his extended family. L’Acabie did change this gentleman’s quality of life!”